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DHA Lahore vs DHA Islamabad
Since the inception of DHA Islamabad and DHA Lahore, the project has undeniably grown by leaps and bounds. From state of the art infrastructure to multiple amenities, everything about DHA is magical. I might not be wrong if I say that DHA connects Pakistan with an ultra-modern lifestyle of well-developed foreign countries.
You must have come across a Commercial Plots for Rent in Islamabad. So, are you planning to invest your hard-earned money to buy a dream house or apartment in an area where you will be able to attain a lavish lifestyle? Buying or renting in such a high-end society is a wish of every Pakistani. However, you must be on the horns of a dilemma since choosing between DHA Lahore and Islamabad is a painstaking process as both the projects have tons of facilities to offer. Below is the comprehensive comparison of DHA Islamabad and DHA Lahore in terms of features and facilities that they both offer.
DHA Islamabad
Living in Islamabad has several advantages. Not only that living here is like dwelling close to nature yet you can also enjoy all the hustle bustle that this cosmopolitan city offers. If you are residing in Islamabad then you must be familiar that the location of DHA is no brainer. It is located on the Express Highway. Unlike Bahria town, you do not see tons of signboards that divert you from locating DHA and also you do not have to cross many housing societies to reach DHA.
In terms of security, DHA Islamabad is without any doubt a highly secured neighborhood due to regular patrolling by security officers and 24/7 video surveillance. Residents living in DHA have easy access to all the amenities. Giga mall is the best spot that offers exceptional shopping experience along with entertainment and grocery shopping opportunities. Jacaranda club is another example of a perfect place for entertainment. Residential Plots for Rent in Islamabad is at larger extent good for people living in Islamabad for jobs.
Besides all the above-mentioned facilities DHA is indeed an intricately planned self-contained society that contains multiple highly reputable educational institutes such as Foundation University, Roots Millennium School and Army Public School.
I know you must be thinking what about healthcare facilities. Well, do not worry DHA Islamabad has several reputable hospitals such as Riphah International and Islamabad Diagnostic that have trained doctors and technicians to take care of you in case you become ill.
DHA Lahore
If you are living in Lahore then you must have faced that annoying traffic jams and pollution issues but you have a solution to all your problems. DHA Lahore is a place that has attractive green belts along with well –cemented roads and footpaths that are convenient for both pedestrians and people on vehicles.
In terms of security, like DHA Islamabad, DHA Lahore also is a gated community with 24/7 surveillance. Residents residing in DHA Lahore can access all the amenities at proximity as it encompasses two very famous shopping centers located in y and H block respectively. Offices for Rent in Islamabad can be a good opportunity for the investors and the businessmen. Not only shopping opportunities, DHA has a sports club along with a gym and a very large commercial pool.
DHA Lahore is indeed a well-planned society since it has its educational institutes such as DHA junior school, DHA senior School, and even DHA College where faculty is highly qualified and curriculum exceptional. It is also home to one of the most famous and well-reputed universities of Pakistan that is LUMS and also Lahore Grammar School.
While discussing about healthcare, DHA Lahore has its hospital called the national Hospital that is highly equipped with the latest machinery and highly qualified doctors.
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