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Discuss the sectors of Bahria Enclave in detail
Bahria Enclave is one of the latest housing societies in Islamabad. Bahria Enclave is located in a prime location of Islamabad and it promises to provide state of the art and luxurious housing at affordable prices. Bahria Enclave is divided into different sectors or blocks, you can find a lot of Offices for Sale in Islamabad in those sectors. Each sector has its own alphabetical name.
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    Sector A: is the most developed block of Bahria enclave as it will be the hub of most of the commercial activities of this housing society. It is located right at the entrance of Bahria Enclave. Its developmental work is 100% completed and possession has been handed over to its owners. The plot size in this sector is 10 and 20 Marlas.
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    Sector B: Sector B of Bahria Enclave is considered the best sector of residential purposes for the middle-income group. The Plot size in this sector is relatively small as compared to the plot size of sector A. This sector is divided into plots of 5, 8, 10, and 20 Marlas. The market price for 5 Marla Plots is relatively higher due to their stable demand. If you are currently browsing through listings for Plot for rent in Islamabad, then my personal recommendation would be to first explore all feasible options in sector B first, owing to its significant development.
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    Sector C: is located in a prime location of Bahria Enclave and it is divided into three sub-sectors as C-1, C-2, and C-3. The plot size is relatively bigger and prices are also higher as compared to sector B. Here you can buy a 10 Marla plot at 7.5-9.5 million rupees.
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    Sector E: The developmental work is almost 50% completed in sector E of Bahria Enclave. Although it is situated near the entrance gate of Bahria Enclave, it fails to attract many investors. The key reason behind its lesser popularity is linked with its lower ground level which has increased the construction cost in this sector.
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    Sector F: This sector and F-1 of Bahria Enclave is situated on a hilltop and is far away from the commercial hub of Bahria Enclave. The prices in this sector are relatively cheaper mainly due to its distant location. These sectors also have many options of Flat for rent in Islamabad.
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    Sector G: The G sector of Bahria Enclave can be considered ideal for living purposes as there is no issue of ground level. The construction of many houses is already completed in this sector.
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    Sector H: The entire sector H is divided into the plots of 5 Marlas. This sector has attracted many investors due to its small plot size.
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    Sector I: A large part of sector I of Bahria Enclave is located lower than the ground level which has decreased its prices.
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    Sector J: The J sector has stable demand due to its location as it is situated in front of Civic Center. The same locational advantage is associated with the K sector as the Villa of Bahria Town’s Chairman will be constructed in this block.
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    Sector L: The sector L is comprised of only 1-Kanal plots while the sector M is divided into 10 and 20 Marla plots. Both of these sectors are attracting investors of Twin Cities.
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    Sector N: Is the most popular sector in the middle-income group mostly due to its location as it offers awesome views of Margalla Hills.
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    Sector O and P: The construction work on O and P sectors of Bahria Enclave is at its initial levels.
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